Clinical Pain Experience

Dr Ravindran has been a consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia at the Royal Berkshire Hospital(RBH) in Reading since 2010. Dr Ravindran is the only pain consultant to hold the American Fellowship in Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) certification for interventional pain procedures in the Thames Valley. Dr Ravindran is also a certified consultant in Musculoskeletal Medicine making him the only doubly certified pain physician in the South East UK.

Dr Ravindran is the Clinical Lead for Pain Medicine ( Acute and Chronic Pain) Management at the RBH. He is very active in education and has given a number of talks on various aspects of pain management to various healthcare professionals locally and nationally. He has undertaken various Quality Improvements projects and has established the Pain Research Unit at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in collaboration with the University of Reading. Dr Ravindran has an active NHS and private pain practice and does outpatient clinics, interventonal procedure lists, multidisciplinary clinics with pain physiotherapists and psychologists and inpatient ward rounds, seeing over 150 patients a month and does over 50 procedures a month. He has also been integral to setting up the NHS national award winning service – IPASS locally for Berkshire West.

He has a wealth of experience in the clinical management of a wide variety of chronic and complex pain conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, whiplash, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraine and post surgical nerve damage related pain. His approach is very holistic and he embraces a bisopsychosocial model and offers an array of physical, pharmacological, psychological and injection therapies as appropriate for the patient.

Medicolegal Experience

Dr Ravindran has completed his Bond Solon “Excellence in Report Writing’ and the Courtroom Skills course in 2016 and is familiar with and understands the importance of the Civil procedure Rules Part 35. He has attended the annual Peterhouse Cambridge Medicolegal Conference in September 2016. He receives instructions from solicitors acting for claimants and defendants, as well as instructions on a joint basis. He is on the UK register of Expert Witnesses and is part of the select Pain Expert group – a collective of national specialist pain management expert witnesses.

Scope of expertise

Dr Ravindran is a medical expert in all aspects of chronic pain management including chronic pain syndromes, Whiplash, cancer pain, failed back surgery, post surgical neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia and complex regional Pain syndrome. He is able to advise and recommend on various pain relieving treatments and strategies to enable rehabilitation and also comment on prognosis for recovery and the ability to work.

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